Capture tasks and analyze data to support your research

An organized and interactive research log that keeps track of the journey to finding the answers you seek

Research Assistant

Research lists that work smarter

The first fully integrated research assistant that allows you to link media directly to your tasks, to-do’s and interview questions. Create tasks directly from individual pieces of media or from specific topics and we’ll collate those lists for easy access and quick completion. Never miss the opportunity to find a resolution for your research.

Share your research work load

Archoral allows you to share  your tasks, even assign them to other people. With our processes, research is no longer a lonely job. The data can be readily accessed and viewed by the members, resulting in a true team effort to find resolutions. Mark tasks as working, waiting, even give reasons for road blocks so that others might help you break through them. Research lists have never been more efficient.


Easy data organization

The research data collected can be categorised and classified to make it more usable. Archoral’s research assistant makes it easy to access, process, and analyse the research data. Sort by person, location or topic and get a wide range of research done at a time. You can also directly pull your research findings into your archive without any copy and pasting.

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We’re excited to unveil Archoral very soon, we’re full of tools and customized solutions to meet all your genealogy needs

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Get notified of our launch and all the latest updates!

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