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Event timelines are auto-generated

Having a hard time trying to organize your family history? Have information scattered amongst several different folders or sources? That’s not a problem with Archoral. Add some dates, name some events, connect them to as many people as necessary and we’ll do the rest. We take that scattered information and curate it into an organized, timeline view of events that appear on each profile they’re connected to. Use our source icon to open only the media attached to that event, be it photos, audio, videos, or documents, those specific pieces of media open and work together from anywhere in your archive.

Vital statistics are more than facts

Some vital stats will always be the same, they are static, but that doesn’t mean that research hasn’t brought you conflicting information. We can capture all of the versions in one chart, attached to the sources they came from. All allowing you to keep working towards the correct resolution. Vital statistics are also variable. We grow, we change. Gather information from as many sources as you can and we organize those into timeline charts where you can literally see how people have evolved over the course of their lives.

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People, Locations, Things and Companies have stories too

People’s stories are connected to the world around them. We can learn so much about them by where they lived, how they lived and how the world around them changed over time. That’s why our system will generate profile pages for more than just the people. Track how a location changed over time, who lived there, what happened through the decades. Things have meaning. Whether a person created them, bought them or inherited them, there’s always a story attached. Using our timelines and identifying items through family photos can help determine what’s a family heirloom and where things came from. Companies have lineages too. They are founded, sold, and inherited. Sometimes they are generational and become a much more ingrained story of a family’s history.

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