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Organize your scattered data

Archoral is a single platform to easily gather all of your data into one place. We allow you to browse and upload media from not just your device but also from your social media, cloud storage and other genealogy sites. How you choose to define the interior organization is up to you, as long as it’s in the same catalog it will work together with the rest of the media you have brought in. Make multiple catalogs to organize even deeper!

Different file types work together

Photos, Documents, Audio and Video usually require multiple programs to open and work with, Archoral has solved that! We are a multimedia application that lets everything work together in one location. Upload all of your research and family collections to paint a cohesive picture. We also recognize that some photos get sent to you as PDFs and some letters and other documents get sent as a jpg. Just tell us what it is and we’ll treat it accordingly.

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Customizable privacy settings

Upon upload, our system automatically marks all of your media as private. We allow you to change the settings from the catalog level all the way down to a single piece of media with three options:

i) Private can be viewed by the account only and people they have directly shared media with.

ii) Private But Searchable allows the Archoral community to find that you have media related to their specific search terms but you decide who you will share the media with, and to what degree.

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We’re excited to unveil Archoral very soon, we’re full of tools and customized solutions to meet all your genealogy needs

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Get notified of our launch and all the latest updates!

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