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People are more than basic facts, capture their entire story through Indexing

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Capture a wide range of data

We believe that people are more than birth, marriage, children and death. There’s a texture to life that’s expressed through hobbies, employment, religious affiliation, education and so much more. Archoral currently offers 20 specialized sections to capture as much information as you choose to add. Tell the whole story with us by adding stories and comments to the indexed information as well.

Easily view your curated research

Like putting the pieces of a puzzle back together, index the information held within individual pieces of media and our system collates it together to present you with a clean profile summary. We handle profiles for people, places, things, companies, animals and vehicles… organizing it into easy to read sections and timelines. Your media instantly becomes a source for the curated data improving your research and fact finding.

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Do more with your files

Turn your files and records into searchable sources. All information entered into the indexer is automatically searchable. You can also transcribe and translate documents, making their content more accessible and relevant to the overall story. The process of indexing also allows a single piece of media to work as a source for multiple profiles, without creating duplicate content.

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We’re excited to unveil Archoral very soon, we’re full of tools and customized solutions to meet all your genealogy needs

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Get notified of our launch and all the latest updates!

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