Forward anything directly into your archive Through Inbox

Email communications, incoming research, forward anything to your archive for blending into your stories.

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Secure inbox only archiving

With security being of the highest importance to Archoral, every Archivist will have a personal inbox.  Forward any email to your inbox and the content as well as attachments will be added to your archive 

Have research sent directly to your Archive

When requesting records from archives or libraries, have them send it directly to your Archoral account.  This helps track where your research originated from, when you received it and keeps a clean log specific to your account.

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Letters are digital now, here's how you keep them

Finding shoe boxes of letters tied with strings is always a joyful discovery. Now that communication is mainly digital, there are no shoeboxes for your future descendants to find.  We help preserve those communications by giving you a secure place to forward them.  Making their content searchable and preserved.

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