Organize your media by subject,
not file type

All of your media types work together in catalogs based on the subject of your choosing.
Catalogs help keep your archive clean and organized.

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Info doesn’t cross contaminate with other catalogs

All data entered into a catalog stays within itself. Profiles, media and indexed information remain contained, keeping your segmented archive cleaner and information more easily retrievable.

Catalogs contain collections all related to one story line

Catalogs can be thought of as a series of books. Create one for your Family History, others for topic specific stories that don’t directly relate to your family history.  Create collections inside of your catalogs to further organize by family branch or any other way you choose. Our system allows for your media pieces to work in more places than traditional folder structure do, without creating copies, enriching everyones story.

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Use catalogs to help others preserve their history

Since our catalogs do not share information, you can help others begging their preservation journey by creating catalogs specifically for them.  Are you working with clients? Historical Societies, Clubs or Schools?  Helping others preserve their history has never been easier and more collaborative!

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We’re excited to unveil Archoral very soon, we’re full of tools and customized solutions to meet all your genealogy needs

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Get notified of our launch and all the latest updates!

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