View the past, present and future in one calendar

Multiple calendars of historical events as well as future ones, all connected to your media archive

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Your archives calendar

Every event contained within your catalog can be seen in the calendar view. As long as there’s a date or date range attached, you can see an overview of everyone and everything throughout your family’s history. Open an event to view a slideshow of all the media attached to it, relive your complete family history one day at a time. Even use the calendar to add events to be used in the indexer later!

Sync with your active calendars

Link your current calendars to Archoral and we’ll bring in your past events and keep your current day activities updated. So much of life is online today, include webinar links and help the future understand life as it is today. This helps connect and curate the events in your photos, videos and documents. Even share calendars with others to add more information to your stories. Choose your color coding to keep things organized.

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Subscribe to outside calendars

Want to keep track of your favorite sports teams’ schedule? Or maybe conferences or classes you’d like to attend? We offer the ability to nest calendars within topic headers, keeping the views nice and clean. Turn any of those events into index able items to give them historical context for both you and your family.

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We’re excited to unveil Archoral very soon, we’re full of tools and customized solutions to meet all your genealogy needs

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