Complex searches made easy

Choose a string of words or phrases then refine by entry type


Predictive entry searches everything

Start typing words or phrases and we search the entire catalog for them. Our search suggestions show you the area the terms appear in, be it the name of a profile or text within an indexed field, comment or story. You’ll always know where your search will take you. The more words you enter in a phrase, the more refined the search becomes.

Comma separated terms dig deeper

Use commas to separate your search query words and we treat them individually. Want to delete the middle term? Go ahead and our results page will adjust accordingly. This allows you to filter results repeatedly from different points of view and also prevents you from losing potential searches due to sentence structure.

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Find results buried in previously hidden places

Transcribed items make searching even more powerful! Find related information inside the body of a letter, in the transcription of an audio recording, or the body of a document. Having a multimedia site with the power of transcription and translation opens the doors for deeper results and connectivity.

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Get notified of our launch and all the latest updates!

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