Review, Manage and Rewind

See an accurate picture of what you and others have done within your archives.

Activity Log

A full activity overview

Get a detailed look at what’s been happening inside your archives. Sort by day, week, month or specific span of time. Each step-by-step addition or change to your archive can be reviewed, accepted, deleted or added to the Research Assistant for future evaluation.

See what your helpers are doing

Sort your activity log by Premium Collaborators or Collaborators and see how much work they have contributed to your archives, when they were last connected, and what exactly they have done. Even filter by specific areas like media, collections, indexer, etc. You have total control over your content and what remains intact. We give you a safety net for working with others!


Clean up your activity log

Don’t worry about getting lost in the minutia of people’s activities. Go through your logs in any order you’d like. Trust everything one collaborator has been doing? Select all of their items and clear them from the log! You can change back to “unread” if you’d like to revisit any activity. You don’t have to review anything in order either. Each activity is its own line item so you can clear the easy ones and leave the harder ones for further review.

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Get notified of our launch and all the latest updates!

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