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We help you curate an abundant amount of information about your family history in an easy way. Finally keep your Photos, Documents, Audio, Video as well as stories and notes in one organized place, with an ever growing suite of tools to aid in your processes.  


Capture (as much or as little) in depth details from each piece of media to shape a story.


Curated information creates profiles with statistics and timelines for People, Places, Things and Companies.

Research Assistant

Fully integrated, collaborative and robust To-Dos and Interview Lists.

Family Tree

Trees that are inclusive of everyone. Friends, family, associates and so much more.


Social Media style groups where photos and comments are never lost, information can be Indexed and added to the overall stories.


A secure solution to forward your memories to.


Keep groups of media and all their information separate from each other.


Organize your media in groupings inside of each catalog.

Media Repository

The most organized way for Photos, Documents, Audio and Video to all work together.

Advanced Search

The most in depth search tool you’ve ever used.

Activity Log

Track, rewind and manage everything that happens in your archive.


Past and present calendar views and event entries.

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