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Archoral is a platform for all your archiving needs.  We are where your photos, documents, audio recordings, and videos are all in one place, working together.

It's easy to share with friends and family; collaborate with whomever you choose. Now you can work together on a digital platform to save stories, memories and details about photos, family heirlooms, collections and so much more.

While our site is robust enough for the professional researcher, it’s also built for a
beginner by being user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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We appreciate that people are more than birth, marriage, children, and death

What tells a person’s story is their details. The items they’ve collected, locations they’ve lived, places they’ve traveled, and companies they’ve interacted with.

Archoral is the first site to allow you to capture all of those additional details. We have comprehensive fields to document military service, religion, education, hobbies, clubs, organizations and so much more. 

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. 

Very few fields in our system are mandatory so you can use them as minimally or
in-depth as you choose.

We see people as unique individuals that deserve the respect of proper documentation and representation.

We recognize that not just today, but all through history, families have been made up of more than just biological lineages. We allow you to customize trees and profiles based on your family structure; celebrating stepparents, fosters and adoptions, same-sex marriages, blended families, and so much more.

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Have you ever wanted one place to put those shoe boxes of photos, slides, and old home movies?

Your social media uploads, photos in the cloud, and stored on your computer?

Do you have hard drives sitting in the desk drawer?

Collections of antiques, artwork, or anything else you want to archive the story of for future generations digitally?

Archoral is your answer.

We make it easy to find the memories you are looking for.

Archoral automatically creates Profiles of People, Places, Things, and Companies. These profiles display vital information, timelines, events, and crucial details for everything in your system… connecting all media sources in one comprehensive, organized view.

Discover Our Tools

Explore the tools!

We help you curate an abundant amount of information about your family history in an easy way. Finally keep your Photos, Documents, Audio, Video as well as stories and notes in one organized place, with an ever growing suite of tools to aid in your processes.  


Capture (as much or as little) in depth details from each piece of media to shape a story.


Curated information creates profiles with statistics and timelines for People, Places, Things and Companies.

Research Assistant

Fully integrated, collaborative and robust To-Dos and Interview Lists.

Family Tree

Trees that are inclusive of everyone. Friends, family, associates and so much more.


Social Media style groups where photos and comments are never lost, information can be Indexed and added to the overall stories.


A secure solution to forward your memories to.


Keep groups of media and all their information separate from each other.


Organize your media in groupings inside of each catalog.

Media Repository

The most organized way for Photos, Documents, Audio and Video to all work together.

Advanced Search

The most in depth search tool you’ve ever used.

Activity Log

Track, rewind and manage everything that happens in your archive.


Past and present calendar views and event entries.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we are currently a cloud-based application. We are a secure storage solution for all forms of media and by being cloud-based we offer robust ways to collaborate and share your work with others.

You! We are robust enough for the professional and easy enough for the casual user. Very few fields are mandatory so you can create archives as simple or in-depth as you choose.

We are a one-stop application for all your media collections. Photos, Documents, Audio, and Video all work together, in one place. Privacy and security are of the utmost importance while still allowing you to collaborate with others.

Sign up for an Archoral account to begin your free 14 day trial. Your trial and subscription both come with 100GB of free storage.  We have guided tours and training videos to help you get acquainted with us.


Archoral is created for you, the user.

We are always available for your feedback, listening to you, and improving based on your needs.

We are launching in a few months and excited to bring you the magic in waves. We strive to be your ever-growing resource for curating anything important to YOU.

Get notified of our launch and all the latest updates!

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